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A charming small­town salon committed to our community.

Locks Landing Hair Salon is a well established family ­friendly environment with a group of experienced stylists passionate about hair. In our chaotic lives, self care is more important than ever. At Locks Landing Salon, we believe that taking care of yourself on the outside with gorgeous hair makes you feel confident, strong, and resilient on the inside.

Come get empowered and join our community!

Brenda Lockwood
Owner • Master Stylist and Colorist

Our Salon

Tastefully Decorated for a pleasant and relaxing experience, our salon has an inviting and friendly aura as well so every client can feel like they belong.

Professional Skin Care

We have added a very talented esthetician to our team at Locks Landing Salon! Now in addition to taking the best care of your locks, you can also keep your skin healthy and radiant!

High-end Products

We carry a variety of high-end products for your hair - each one personally selected and used by our staff.

Locks Landing Hair Salon
603-672-4555 ~ 502 Nashua Street ~ Milford, NH